Food Intolerance Test Diètnatural

Food intolerance is an abnormal reaction of the body against one or more types of food that are not tolerated and that, if taken daily can disrupt the normal process of weight loss. Unlike allergies, intolerances do not involve the immune system, but the metabolic one. They rarely cause violent and immediate reaction in the body, but symptoms that can appear up to 24 or 48 hours after a meal. The food intolerance manifested by many symptoms such as fatigue, headache, postprandial abdominal swelling, joint pain, obesity, skin rashes, halitosis, alternating weight. They are also due to inability of losing weight, even by following more drastic diets.

The Test “Intolerance Diet” is available only in our “Quality Center”

Our Food Intolerance Test is an impedance measurement, fast and non-invasive, which allows to determine the body’s tolerance to 204 foods and mineral substances (milk, yeast, nickel, wheat, etc.). It is carried out by an instrument that with the aid of an electrode that measures the resistance of the skin to micro frequencies, corresponding to the frequencies of the foods in the memory. Based on the results the Diètnatural Consultants will propose dietary advice to assess the needs of the individual customer.