Find the wellness simply eating
Quality Center Diètnatural

metodoLose weight eating everything without weighing food

Our method aims to achieve the Ideal Weight with long lasting results. We do this both through our natural products and educating the customer to a correct relationship with food. So our customers can improve their image finding the balance and achieving wellness. We will “Never” suggest you extreme and quick diets, that never lasts.  When health is involved the very quick solutions have usually side effects.

This is what we believe in Dietnatural, helping you to find the way for a good healthy lifestyle.

In Diètnatural centers you will find qualified Consultants who will give a “one to one advise” for a “proper nutrition” to find your ideal weight by combining natural supplements 100% made in Italy favoring draining, purifying and weight control processes. Our method offers free consultations during which the customer may have a Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) which allows him to know the body weight, fat-free mass, fat and liquid.

Depending on the result are recommended dietary guidelines based on his eating habits.

The periodic meetings with customers will allow the Consultants to monitor the progress made in order to recommend the food supplements most suitable for the achievement of physical and mental wellness.

Our products are exclusively sold in Quality Center Diètnatural, are approved by the Ministry of Health and composed of herbal extracts and fruit with slimming, detoxifying and draining properties.

“We are what we eat” –  Ludwig Feuerbach