The metabolic test of Diètnatural “MONITORA”

it is a self-measurement done with a small highly advanced device, tied on the triceps of your left arm, which measures your physical parameters.
This device have to be worn for a short period (three days), in which you carry out the usual daily activities (sleep, sport activities, eating). Thanks to MONITORA, through its sensors, we get the reading of your parameters which enables to assess: the calories burned in active mode, in rest mode, the intensity and the extent of physical activity, the quality and effectiveness of sleep.


After the short period with the device on your arm, we download all the info gathered and the data will be processed, getting back a highly elaborated report on:

Energy consumption

Calculation in Kcal

Physical activity measurement

daily and intensities

Quality of sleep

the extent & efficiency

In addition to data you’ll get a detailed program and a personalized diet, which is signed by a qualified Nutritionist of Diètnatural.